Our Services

One of the company’s core activities has always been vessel chartering. Marine Core & Charter is a rapidly growing Manager and operator of a wide range of specialized vessels with the latest technology which cater to every requirement of our clients. Our fleet comprises of Jack-Up Accommodation Barges, DP AHTS, Shallow Draft Landing Crafts, High Capacity Crew Boats, Floating Accommodation Barges, Tugs and Barges, Multi-Cats etc. We are equipped to undertake a various offshore projects in addition to the execution of many specialized and exclusive chartering services including Anchor Handling, Offshore Construction & Maintenance, Offshore Accommodation, and Drilling Services.

Marine Core & Charter team has been providing ship management services for the past two decades. We have excelled in meeting the requirements of our clients, and our systems are geared towards achieving technical excellence in ship management. Our services include ship technical management, crew management, new building project management, consultancy and operational matters.

We not only manage and operate our associated fleet; but also manage outsourced fleet and shipbuilding projects, modification and dry-docks for various types of vessels.

Manned by highly qualifiedand technical offshore experts, we are equipped to undertake complete offshore activities such as mobilization of structures with installation, rig moves, positioning of rigs, logistics support for offshore platforms and MODU.

As a major supporter to the elite marine construction companies; we have the expertise and equipment to provide safe and reliable marine transportation and logistics services for cargo movement and offshore construction projects. With our high-horsepower tugboats, we can provide marine transportation solutions for your unique and challenging needs.

Our experience in handling single and double towages allows us undertake long towages worldwide.  We have a respectable record of transporting aggregates and rocks for jetties and port constructions, as well as participated in mobilizations of many types of cargo from, and to different locations which hasbecome a remarkable achievement and milestone in the history of our career.

MC2 provides high quality integrated services to the onshore/offshore oil and gas fields, ports and terminals and marine infrastructure development sectors. We carry out almost all marine construction works including breakwater construction, sheet pilling drilling and fixing, dock wall of Ports, shoreline protection, salvage, sea port terminal construction, underwater excavation and dredging, and underwater pipeline installation.