Nov 5, 2015


CLIENT: Archirodon Construction Co.

TASK: Transportation of rocks and aggregates. (5 million tons)

Loading Port: Stevin Rock Port, Ras Al Khaima,UAE

Discharge Port: Al Faw Port Site in Iraq

The project includes the Construction of 8,000m long rubble mound breakwater, with quarry run and armour rocks, Dredging 400,000 m3 of existing sediments and disposal of the same into desiccation ponds, Erection of a 4 hectares yard termed as “staging platform”, bound by peripheral breakwaters and filled with granular fill, Construction of 500m long breakwater on the Northwest side of the platform, Construction of a Helipad on the staging platform, Construction of berth “A” with associated wharf fittings on tubular steel piles, Construction of 4 nos. breasting dolphins in front of berth “A” two at both sides with wharf fittings, on tubular steel piles, Corrosion protection of steel decks and piling works by protective coating, Procurement, supply and installation of a floating pier 80m long and associated anchor steel piles and access gangway, Procurement, supply and installation of 4 nos. navigation buoys and associated anchoring devices, Installation of electronic perimeter surveillance system along the staging platform.

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CLIENT: Van Oord Middle East

TASK: Marine transportation and delivery of rock material. (1.2 million tons)

LOCATION: Dubai Water Front, UAE

Discharge Port: Palm Deira Site in UAE Kuwait

Van Oord Middle East to build and rebuild the Deira Islands. The Deira Islands is located off the coast of Dubai and the project scope entails finalizing the construction of the edge protection structures. The work involves shaping 8.5km of new beaches, 3.5km of quay walls, 9.5km of rock edges and 2km of breakwaters; to be completed within a two year contrctual time frame and cover work on two of the four islands that make up the project, Van Oord’s project will include the 4.5 square km south island, which will house a 4km stretch of waterfront big enough to accommodate up to 500 yachts and boats. It will also contain the new Night Souk, Deira Mall and the Deira Islands Towers and Boulevard containing more than 2,400 apartments, retail units and a 400,000 sq ft shopping and leisure promenade.

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Client: STFA Group

Task: Transportation of rocks and aggregates (2.7 million tons)

Loading Port: Stevin Rock Port, Ras Al Khaima, UAE

Discharge Port: Al Ahmadi Port Site in Kuwait

The scope of project comprises dredging the harbor basis, construction of piers, quay walls, ship lift systems containing marine works, superstructure  buildings and landscaping, electrical and mechani- cal works and ICT. A 4km breakwater will be built to protect the harbours by using quarried rock material of 2.5mn tons and 26000 specials protective concrete units.

In order to serve the huge marine assets of KOC, both harbours would be dredged down 7metres CD, and the landfill attained during the dredging will be used as filling materials in the north and south harbours. There will be state-of-the-art maintenance shipyard, including ship lift, so as to serve three vessels at the same time.

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