Artificial Islands Smaismah Project

Client: Eunsan Shipping & Air Cargo Co. Ltd
Task: Transportation of limestone (1.2 million tons)
Location Loading Port: Mina Saqr, Ras Al Khaima, UAE
Discharge Port: Simasaima-Doha

In 2005, Qatar began the construction of Lusail, a brand new city to the north of Doha on the coast of the Arabian Gulf. Owing to Lusail’s multiple waterways, formwork expoerts were needed to link the cirt’s man made islands.

In 2013, Doka was enlisted to support FCC Construction-Petroserv JV, the joint-venture construction firm tasked with completing two pedestrian bridges. Doka was brought on board to supply pre-assembled formwork materials for the structures, which spanned 90m and 100m, respectively. The structures were built simultaneously, thus doubling the quantity of the formwork materials required.

Ultimately, these bridges will provide a continuous pedestrian pathway around Lusail’s 350-boat marina. Their desings resemble that of a necklace; interlocking eclipses with concrete decks will be suspended by steel cables attached to slender pylons.

The products identified by Doka to support the project constisted of the Staxo 40 loaded-bearing tower and a large-area Top 50 formwork systems. Doka’s Dokaplex formwork sheet, meanwhile, met the requirements of the fair-faced concrete used for the bridges’ decks. Precision panel joins were employed to eliminate the need for rework.