Dubai Harbour Master Plan

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Task: Transport of 3 million tons of rocks for the coast of Dubai Harbour’s breakwaters.
Location Loading Port: Ras Al Khaimah
Discharge Port:
Dubai Waterfront

A major new waterfront development featuring the Middle East’s largest marina capable of handling 1400 vessels is to be built on the Dubai waterfront.

A master plan for the project was unveiled by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, the UAE Vice President and Ruler of Dubai. He said that Dubai Harbour “represents a unique and innovative new addition to the region’s tourism land-scape”.

“I am confident that the project will have a highly positive effect on our entire region’s toursim sectore. We are keen to encourage new projects and promote investments that will contrubute to bringin to the region more tourists interested in experiencing this part of the world,” he said.

The 1400-berth marina will increase Dubai’s capacity for handling yachts by almost 50 percent from the current 3000 berths int he Emirate. It will also add the capacity to handle larger yachts of up to 85 meteres in length.